Our philosophy

We pay special attention to the composition of our chocolates and limit as much as possible additions of sugar (in which case we will use unrefined raw organic sugar) and do not add any preservative (chemical) in our preparations.

This is why some chocolates have a short shelf life. It is advisable to savor your delicacies quickly according to the varieties.

But let's be honest, it's hard to resist and keep them for weeks ^^

Another very important value is fair trade We buy from a company in Schwyz that guarantees sustainability and that means that it works with respect for the producers but also respect for the environment.

For the rest, we try as much as possible to provide us with regional producers and Switzerland and prefer to take local products in other countries like for example Piedmont hazelnuts. Create with heart and passion our chocolates and the most natural possible!

Our wish is to be able to make you travel in your childhood memories filled with delicacies. Showcasing local products from Switzerland but also from elsewhere!

What you will never find at the Irrésistible

Palm oil.For health reasons but also protection of nature and animals!

Aromas Because if we make a chocolate raspberry we will put the amount it will take to have the desired taste and not use less expensive and chemical flavors. Our children will not even know the taste of a real apple in a few years.

Chemical dyes. May have adverse effects on activity in children! What is unthinkable for us to put in our chocolates

Preservative additives such as SULFUR DIOXIDE. Being an allergen and potentially carcinogenic And full of other products harmful to our health